Minecraft Party Ideas

Looking for Minecraft party ideas? With less than two years since full release, frequent gameplay updates and an active following of fans, Minecraft remains one of the most popular and unique games on the market. If your son and his friends are playing it, a theme birthday party based on this concept is sure to get them all jumping in joy. But before you whip out your party supplies and pixelated decorations, you’re going to need a plan.

If you’re having trouble with implementation and aren’t sure where to start, this article will give you just enough information to nudge you in the right direction. Thankfully, you won’t experience a lack of Minecraft party ideas because of the game’s rich world.

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Minecraft Party Supplies and Decorations

The first thing youíll need to get for the celebration of your son’s birthday are Minecraft blocks. You can creative here by incorporating them into decorations, food and fun activities, or just go for standard-sized cubes scattered around the room. Apart from that, you definitely have to get some of the game’s iconic game characters involved, such as the creeper, zombie, skeleton and others.

Use these stickers to make Minecraft Balloons. You’ll also need a few packages of green balloons.
Minecraft Creeper Face Sticker
Minecraft Creeper Face Sticker


Minecraft Steve Vinyl Figure

Minecraft Steve Vinyl Figure

Minecraft Party Favors

minecraft party favors
This super cute Minecraft party favor idea is from Janine F on Pininterest. She made these Twizzler take
home treats that look like boxes of TNT.

All you need for this DIY Minecraft party idea is enough red Twizzlers for all your guests and clear plastic boxes. Print out labels that read TNT (dont forget to make them look pixelated with a font.) Glue the label/wrappers around the clear boxes. Fill each box with red Twizzlers. If the boxes you buy are smaller than the long licorice candies, cut them in half.

Minecraft Party GamesMinecraft Party Ideas

Once you have Minecraft characters attending your party, either as costumes or play items, it’s time to include them in some fun games to keep the guests excited.

One idea is to set up a bunch of helium filled balloons and ancor them to the ground with a small weight that is also a little gift/novelty toy. Give each kid a nerf gun and whichever balloons they take out, they get to keep the toy attached to the balloon.


Just about any party game can be tailored to a Minecraft party theme. Let your imagination loose or search the Internet for Minecraft party ideas that have already been tested by others.

Minecraft Party Invitations

To make fun and creative invitations for your Minecraft theme birthday party, you should go with pixelated graphics and possibly incorporate your sonís name into the gameís title design in some way. His friends will be instantly excited to receive an invitation like that, and you should let him chip in with some of his ideas as well.

Print Free Minecraft Party Invitations Onlineminecraft-invitation

Get this awesome (and FREE)  printable Minecraft party invitation from BenComics.com.

This website also offers a free matching Minecraft thank you note with the same colors and  Minecraft character.

Because the background is solid green, make sure that you have enough colored ink in your printer. To get these free Minecraft printable invitations, visit Bencomics.com.

Minecraft Birthday Cakes

It should be a no-brainer that your birthday cake should have the familiar MInecraft block shape, as long as it aligns with your idea of a cake. You can also offer other treats that can be cut into cubes, which will add to the unique theme of your party. Donít forget to test your Minecraft party ideas with your family to see if they work and look as intended.

Minecraft Gifts


Minecraft Party Food Ideas

More Minecraft party food ideas

Pixelated Pizza

I found this cool Minecraft party food idea on Pininterest. Cut the dough into squares. Add sauce and top with mozzarella. Add a variety of toppings to minecraft party foodeach.

If you prepare the dough and lay out all the toppings for your guests, this would be a fun party activity.

Turn it into a Minecraft party game by having a ‘best pizza’ contest with a cool prize awarded to the winner!


Minecraft Cupcakes

These Creeper cupcakes are an alternative to the ’round’ Minecraft cupcake ideas I’ve seen on the web. They seem more ‘authentic’ to me.

minecraft cupcake ideas

The ones pictured here are actually cookies. The Sugar Bar Cookies and the template for this cupcake idea can be found on My Sugar Coated Life.

How to make Minecraft Cupcakes

Follow instructions to make a yellow cake. Instead of making cupcakes in a cupcake pan, bake a sheet cake and cover the top with green frosting. Use the template to make the Creeper face with black icing.


Minecraft Gifts

Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

Minecraft Creeper with Sound Plush

Minecraft Creeper with Sound Plush

 Unique Minecraft Items


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